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WedDing Budgets, No need to go over the top

Wedding Budgets, No Need to go over the top

As a couple who are currently in the process of planning a wedding, it's safe to say we've learned a lot.

So we thought we'd take some of these posts to share our new found knowledge with you guys.

First up ...Wedding Budgets.

No one likes talking about them so we thought we'd get that out the way 🫣😅

1. Chat & Chat & Chat about your wedding budgets.

As soon as you add 'wedding' to anything it seems that the price doubles (...or sometimes triples). So that's why it is so important to have a discussion with your partner about what you're willing to spend on a wedding.

Be honest and realistic with one another. There's no need to go OTT.

Which leads to the next point quite nicely ...

2. Prioritise.

Weddings can become so over the top.

But your great aunt once removed on your father's side will not be upset about the type of fork you use on your starter... We promise.

Prioritise what is important for you and your partner.

Personally, we both love music. Because of this we have prioritised music and entertainment within our wedding budget.

Shout-out to the fantastic Hannah Mac Music who will be singing for our evening music.

Then, later in the evening, we plan to have Izzy Wurfit the drag queen perform Karaoke - a little nod to how we met (at karaoke that is).

3. Keep track.

The little things add up so be mindful.

4. Make memories.

Ideally you will only be doing this once.

So focus on the things that you will remember.


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